Cracking the right NOVEL product formula for KIDS…It’s all in the SENSES!


DBG are constantly scouring the globe for novelty that has the WINNING Formula =  Discovery, Creativity, Escapism and Reward (D+C+E+R)!


Kids are easily bored and SENSORIAL novelty is the key to create the intrigue and demand. Sugar confectionery when packaged right; can deliver the excitement and stimulation they are looking for… cue… the next big thing.


This year the convenience/route trade has experienced top sales with our BPOPS range and we’re excited to also announce the launch of NEW HECTIC Popping Candy.


Both ranges have the WINNING formula (D+C+E+R) providing unique taste experience with novel textural properties and bold flavour sensations; delivered in a creative way.

BPOPS MUSTACHOS, LIPS and MOUTHS enhance the kids "playability factor,“ with their creative delivery system.


HECTIC Popping Candy is new to the market; delivering a unique taste sensation with flavours the kids love with enhanced (POPPING) textural properties. Varieties available: Strawberry, Blue Raspberry, Grape and Watermelon. All Gluten Free.


Simple merchandising solutions are available from DBG/wholesalers to drive NOVELTY sales at checkout!


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